Princeton Hockey Recruit Stats

Here are the Princeton hockey recruit stats for the past few years. You can sort through points, goals, points per game and other categories by sorting through the tabs on the bottom. The


[table id=4 /]

[table id=55 /]

(View in webpage)

(View in webpage)


The stats are regular season for all players except for Joe Fallon. The playoff statistics for all players are at the bottom of the spreadsheet but are not sorted.

There are two sets of stats for Michael Lackey — one set from the USHL and another from the USNTDP (which includes international play). I went with the USHL stats.

Stuart Pomeroy was traded from the USHL to the NAHL on Dec. 15, and the statistics used and sorted are from the NAHL.

If some stats are missing, it’s because they aren’t provided by their leagues.

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