Princeton vs. Colgate 11.8.14 Corsi

Princeton fell to Colgate 5-1 on Saturday night. Since Colgate held a 2-0 lead before the end of the first, there aren’t any Corsi close stats for the game.

Overall, Princeton’s Corsi stats were better than they were against Cornell.

This week, I calculated Corsi based on the shot charts. Here are the numbers by period:

First period:

5-on-5: 41.38 percent
Total: 45.28 percent

Period 1

Second period:

5-on-5: 45.16 percent
Total: 28.85 percent

Period 2

Third period:

5-on-5: 54.17 percent
Total: 58.97 percent

Period 3


5-on-5: 46.43 percent
Total: 43.06 percent


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