Princeton vs. Merrimack, Corsi

This is the second part of a series analyzing Corsi numbers from Princeton.

Since Corsi is best used when the score is close (a tied game or a one-goal difference) I only calculated Corsi from the first period, before Merrimack accrued a two-goal lead. 

While talking about goalkeeper Ben Halford’s play, Princeton coach Ron Fogarty spoke a little of how the game changes based on the score:

“If a team gets up 5-0, they’re going to back off a little bit and just start looking at the scoreboard a little bit, so the dynamics of the game’s going to change as well with that type of the lead.”

Because Merrimack led 2-0 in the first period, the Corsi numbers are a very small sample size. The Warriors also had a couple of power plays in the period, which lowered 5-on-5 playing time.

Here are the numbers:

Corsi-close 5-on-5: 37.5 percent

Corsi-close total: 33.33 percent

Again, Corsi can tell us roughly how often a team possess the puck, but not what kind of scoring chances a team gets. Princeton did a good job of keeping Merrimack’s shots to the perimeter in the first, but the Warriors scored when they came close to the net.

Stay tuned for more next week.

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